Hot Cross Bun Making Demonstration and Easter Crafts - This event has already occurred

Friday, April 19, 2019 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


89 Grand Ave S, Cambridge, Ontario
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Family Events


Admission by cash donation.

There are many interesting superstitions surrounding hot-cross buns. One says that they will not spoil if baked or served on Good Friday, while another claims that they can protect against shipwreck. A hot-cross bun placed on the hearth is thought to protect from fire and also ensure that all your breads bake perfectly; kissing a hot-cross bun before eating it is said to bring good luck. Our favourite superstition, however, is the one that says that sharing a hot-cross bun with a friend will guarantee good friendship for the coming year.

We can’t say whether or not these superstitions are true, but one thing we do know is that these traditional Scottish Easter treats are delicious – especially when they’re freshly baked!

Plan to stop by McDougall Cottage on Good Friday when we’ll be baking up some hot-cross buns to share with our friends, old and new. Nibble a sample with a warm cup of tea and don’t forget to take a free recipe home with you, so you can make some to share with all of your other friends.

Children will also have fun creating an Easter craft to give to a special friend or family member or to keep for themselves.

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